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Monday, August 19, 2013

NEXT MEETING: 22 August;; CAMPING TRIP 6-8 September

After a lovely beach & bar hiatus, we return, this THURSDAY, August 22nd, to the Alternative Press Center (2040 North Milwaukee) for a meeting with a fully agenda. We will begin no later than 7:15, and meander our way through the following topics:
1. The future anterior of our collaboration with Daniel Tucker's Crisis Image Archive; what do we want this project to have become? Is its current iteration over or ongoing? How might be activate aspects of the 20 or so pages of raw or/e we produced in future projects?
2. The editing and submission of our Anthology. Lorenza has found at least one press that looks like a good candidate for submitting our book. We'll need to work together to finalize some proposed edits, sketch out a letter to be used in submitting the manuscript, and perhaps come up with a list of additional presses we might wish to consider.
3. Finalizing plans for our CAMPING TRIP. There's always some camping when the Next Objectivists meet, so what happens when we meet in a campground. As it stands, our plan is to spend the nights of Friday September 6 and Saturday September 7 in the woods & on the beaches of the Indiana Dunes. One theme that has been proposed is DUNE DADA. What might that involve? We need to develop the theme of our first annual retreat into the woods, as well as work out some minor logistical details, like how many cars, tents, sleeping bags, dogs, beach chairs, cigarettes & Romanian sausages we'll need to bring along. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GOING CAMPING BUT CAN'T ATTEND THIS THURSDAY's MEETING please e-mail me to let me know:

a) the number and species of the beings in your party
b) when you plan on arriving/departing
c) if will you be driving, taking the train, hitching a ride
 d) if you have a tent or plan on sharing one of the several large ones we've got available
Looking forward to our future adventures in the OUTSIDEREAL of several spheres,

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