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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Next Objectivists 25 October

On the agenda:

  • The question of "WE" - is it simply a harmless, unavoidable consequence of people inhabiting space, with its de/formities and inherent hierarchies, or is it the evil, coerced d r a f t i n g of people for a(ny given) mob/crowd purpose while annihilating free-will? Background, readings, conference stories, blog posts, {!refreshments!} will be provided.

  • We'll regroup on the project of bringing our NextObjectivistMic performance to a public venue, in conjunction with other writing communities in Chicago... Come in and we'll discuss! This is a very exciting project that involves a writing methodology, logistics of voices and text(s), opening the can of worms of authorship (WeeEE?!!), street presence (= leaving the ivory tower of poetry), oh so much more.

  • ...and readings to follow!

If you read this, you're very likely a next objectivist already - you don't even need to know it -, so do join us in the Outsidereal at Mess Hall this Tuesday!

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