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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Next Objectivists 11 October

October 11th - we'll start our next workshop by discussing our performance act presented at Chicago Calling / Myopic Books on Saturday [October 8th]. For people that were there - bring both good and bad points (say... three each) with you to the fore. For those among you who weren't there - think of this as a reenactment. As always, the Next Objectivist discussions around past events (or, for that matter, current or future) are really ardent. Let's just say - this will actually not be a reenactment, but a fully fledged thing!

We'll then take on what the like the second-most (right after writing): reading some poetry. Texts will be made available shortly. Expect some more foreign poetry... Slurp!

Last on our schedule we'll discuss bringing the Chicago Calling performance to a truly public venue. As we've had quite a lot of interesting ideas on what to do during the performance, let's reassess / re-discuss / regroup and take this to the next level. Please look at what you've proposed during the preparation for this (which might have been adopted, assimilated, or rejected) with what you've observed and learned at Myopic, and bring new ideas and vigor back into the fore!

Please join us in the Outsidereal, which - spatially and temporally - is Mess Hall this Tuesday!

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