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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Attention past present & future Next Objectivists!

We are meeting this Thursday at our usual time & place:

The Mess Hall in Rogers Park, Chicago, 7:00 - 10:00 pm.
The Mess Hall is located at 6932 N. Glenwood Ave. A stone's throw from the Morse Red Line stop & close to the Morse Metra station & Broadway & Clark buses! Easy to bicycle there, as well!

We currently have many schemes & plans & strategies underway! This Thursday, we'll be:

Finishing our reading/discussion of Ed Dorn's Gunslinger.

Getting started on poems by Robert Creeley & Lola Ridge. Here's a poem by Creeley we may wish to consider at length:

The Pattern (from Words)

As soon as
I speak, I
speaks. It

wants to
be free but
impassive lies

in the direction
of its
words. Let

x equal x, x
equals x. I

speak to
hear myself
speak? I

had not thought
that some-
thing had such

undone. It
was an idea
of mine.
We'll also be mining the synesthetic or/e generated by our in-the-field poetypists. Positions are available in our Poetypist pool! We're transcribing immediate worldly sensations into the imagination using typing machines in public locations all summer. See the previous post for more details. Send applications to

Join us! Every single one of you is welcome here. Our only rule is make! We address ourselves to the imagination! Beginners are particularly welcome! Leave your expertise at the door!

Keepin' it real in the Outsidereal

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