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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The Next Objectivists are in need of typist-poets! This summer we will be participating in the Synesthetic Plan of Chicago, "a multi-sensory and experiential mapping of Chicago’s neighborhoods" that will bring together over 40 artists and organizations into "a collaborative, interactive installation for the Chicago Cultural Center’s Visitor Information Center."

The Next Objectivists will be situated in and around the Cultural Center, recording by typewriter the immediate sensory environment. But to do this, we need you!

The Next Objectivists reject the figure of the autonomous, ‘genius’ artist who composes alone in his garret, far from the press of days. We prefer the poet as editor, the poet as reporter, the poet as typist, the poet as temp. We reject the notion that lyricism as fundamentally personable and private, a soft voice overheard. We prefer poetry that lives in the mouths of others, the poetry of the crowd, the mass, the marketplace, the people.

If this sounds good to you, please volunteer to spend a few hours this summer writing poetry for the Next Objectivists. We will be relying on volunteer poet-clerks to play the typewriter on a regular basis throughout the summer months. The material produced will be compiled in our regular workshops (held the second and fourth Thursdays of every month at the Mess Hall in Rogers Park) and edited into chapbooks, which will be disturbed through the Cultural Center.

Please help us in this project! Volunteer for an hour or two—perhaps even a few hours a week! We will supply the typewriter, paper, etc. If you wish to become a poet-typists, please send a message stating some possible times when you would be available to Beginners are always welcome! We teach poetry!


The Next Objectivists.

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