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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Next Objectivists Spring Workshops

Attention Past Present & Future Next Objectivists

Our Spring Meeting Schedule is now determined!

Please join us at the following events!

Tuesday 6 May 6-8pm Three Walls Gallery (119 N. Peoria) The Next Objectivists join film maker
Irina Botea @ her show, It is now a matter of learning hope. We invite YOU to join us as we rewrite these films into objectivist poetry.

Irina Botea’s It is now a matter of learning hope foregrounds how hope as an emotion is connected to imagination and the possibility of social change. The show features four films: Impersonation, a reenactment of Charles A Leale’s book Lincoln’s Last Hours featuring Abraham Lincoln presenters. Art historians-a conversation presents three art historians expressing their emotional engagement with the artworks at the Bruckenthal Museum in Sibiu, Romania. Photocopy/Fotoc√≥pia is a performance stimulated through reprocessing experiences acquired during the 15 May protests in Spain – in a space outside of the public realm of social action – the studio.It is now a matter of learning hope presents artist Ileana Faur learning and rehearsing fragments of written utopian theories, set against the backdrop of Morii Island, one of many failed utopian architectural projects that were never finished by Nicolae Ceausescu, ex- dictator of Romania.

Wednesday 7 May 6-8pm Mozart Field House (2036 N. Avers Ave.) The Next Objectivists team up with Borderbend Arts Collective to present four writing workshops on four consecutive Wednesdays this May! We will be reading/discussing/writing together. Our general theme will be the Problem of the Individual for Political Poetics.Most writers prize their individuality, and we often value poems as expressions of "personal" perspectives and styles. Politics depends upon collaboration, a collective vision, an acknowledgement of one's place in constituencies. How have past writers working in the Objectivist Poetry tradition reconciled this contradiction? How shall we reconcile the "problem" of individualism in the future? Each workshop will be devoted to a particular aspect of these issues. The first workshop is devoted to "engaged irony." We will explore the difference between sincerity, irony and sarcasm, considering how each attitude negotiates the move from private to public discourse.

Wednesday 14 May 6-8pm Mozart Field House (2036 N. Avers Ave.)

Wednesday 21 May 6-8pm Mozart Field House (2036 N. Avers Ave.)

Wednesday 28 May 6-8pm Mozart Field House (2036 N. Avers Ave.) 

Please note that all Next Objectivists Workshops are FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! No experience necessary! You are invited to leave your expertise at the door. 

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