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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Upcoming Events

The Next Objectivist Poetry workshop meets THURSDAY, 11 July for a regular workshop @ APC (2040 N. Milwaukee), 7-9:30 pm. On the agenda is continued writing in response to the Crisis Image Archive & some preparation for our next public event . . .

On SUNDAY, 14 July the Next Objectivists will continue our collaboration with the Crisis Image Archive show. In the afternoon (1-4pm) we will have typewriters set up in the APC gallery (2040 N. Milwaukee) & our poetypists will be on hand to seek public responses to the images, transcripts of which will become the basis for future workshop poems.
Remember that all events are FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Please join us!

Following are two poetic responses to images in the archive produced by the workshop in the last several weeks:

Paddle Shifting

Paddle shifting boys through waters
In a suspicious blue eyed trash hand slipping
Through wire - worth said things
Rectangular rectum gracious shades sweeten my taste buds
Sliding downwards funny mustache
Oh - the cash. Vila Campesina.
The slant is incorrect, though meaning can arrive at many angles.
Almost alike. Her head mirrored on the pot.
Though metallic; it evens out. Not chilling.
Praying gaze, like a sweet astonishment.
The ever so easy protest. When you're young
it all resembles up in arms. Tent city.
The odd posture of a soldier in a docile mass of suits.
Oh, the '20s Arab-Hispanic-hetero-crotch.
Media bias hard-on; a wonderful case
of giving head during an economic crisis.
The question mark with no urinal, as expected.
Overhanging dollar-tie, with people to spare.


Saint Obama & the Wall Street worm
Watch in horror as the world burns
Thunderbolt stock reports threaten the Ark
Two dozen tents pitched in a park
Total Recall for Governor Walker
A screw through the head of a middle-class boy
Latest updates on the Wall Street shocker
The Piper pipes; we dance for Joy
The cane now poised to pull Shrub offstage
Governor Ryan makes a final stand
A patched-up Uncle Sam, hat in hand
While his dog howls in fear & rage
A dollar bill suffering an anxiety attack
They call it class war when we fight back

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