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Friday, June 21, 2013

Next Objectivists Explore Crisis Image Archive

This summer the Next Objectivists are collaborating

on the

Crisis Image Archive Project 

All Next Objectivists & fellow travelers are asked to participate! There are several ways to participate:

Visit the on-line version of the Crisis Image Archive, select some images & write some poems responding to them.

Send your poems to or bring them to a workshop. They will be incorporated into CIA exhibits & our anthology.

Come to a public writing event.

The opening reception of the Crisis Image Archive exhibit is SUNDAY, June 30th from 5-8pm @ the Art In These Times gallery at 2040 N. Milwaukee Avenue 2nd floor (same place we now regularly meet). On Sunday July 14 we'll also stage a public writing event in concert with the exhibit.

Join us for our regularly scheduled workshops

We'll be writing & editing poems based on or otherwise responding to the images in the archive. See the sidebar for dates of regularly scheduled workshops, which are now held @ 2040 N. Milwaukee Avenue 2nd floor7-9:30 pm.

Remember, all workshops are free & open to the public.

You may already be a Next Objectivist. Come & find out!

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