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Friday, May 24, 2013


                                                   WE ARE BACK!                                           

After the longest hiatus the workshop has known in its 6 years of regular meetings, we have found a new space for our regular meetings.

Beginning on Thursday 30 May, we will resume our regular schedule in our NEW LOCATION:

the Alternative Press Center
2040 N. Milwaukee Ave. 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL, 60647

The APC & In These Times have graciously allowed us to begin regular meetings in their space, which is on the second floor, in the beautiful library of alternative press publications. The APC is on the west side of Milwaukee Ave., just a few hundred yards northwest of the Milwaukee/Armitage/Western megasection.

We will meet from 7-9:30 as usual.

A heart-felt THANK YOU is owed to long-time Next Objectivist Lorenza Perelli., for arranging this, and to Daniel Tucker (wearing his APC hat) and Chuck D’Adamo (of In These Times) for agreeing to let us use the space!

As we reconvene after several months in the wilderness, we have @ least 4 items on the agenda:

  • To review and continue to work on the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew poems we've begun to develop. (I'll bring copies of everything we've got on this so far & we might try a verbal editing session, such as we did w/ the wikilyrics some years ago)
  • To contemplate the production of this and past & future publications (Lorenza & I have been thinking its time to compile the various poems produced over the years into one nicely designed book)
  • To contemplate summer workshops: what shall we do this summer; do we want to create some public events? Special events? Readings in Chicago or environs?
  • To contemplate PLOP: Performative Lectures on Oppositional Poetics (a lecture series still in its production stage, which would invite regional writers & N. O. members to present, well, performative lectures on oppositional poetics...)

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