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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This Week: Chicago Durutti Skool

This Week the Next Objectivists join the Chicago Durutti Skool! All are welcome to attend!

THIS THURSDAY our workshop is participating in the week-long CHICAGO DURUTTI SKOOL 2011, which began on May Day and continues through Friday. On Thursday, our regularly scheduled workshop will join the Red Rover Reading Series and other writers, artists & activists to become the site of a larger conversation concerning poetry, social existence, Marxism and Anarchism.

Many Durutti Skools will occur across the country this year, each thinking about poetry itself as a catalyst for social change. The idea for the skools began last summer when a group of poets met in Berkeley, California as part of the 95 Cent Skool. All participants were invited to form their own skools in order to continue the conversation and encourage poets to connect more strongly with their communities and ideas about writing, community, and change.

The Next Objectivists like to focus discussion around objects, and so we have organized our workshop around several short stories, which we are reading as part of a spring-long seminar on objectivist poetics in short fiction. As a way to focus our conversation about poetry, social existence, materialism and anarchist politics, we invite all participants to join in a conversation about short stories by Rachel Glasner and/or Jamaica Kincaid. Copies of the stories can be downloaded from our website ( or by clicking on the following links:

Rachel Glaser, selected stories:

Jamaica Kincaid, "Girl":

And on FRIDAY, MAY 6th, the Chicago Durutti Skool continues with readings and discussions with Frank Rogaczewski & Michelle Taransky, 7-9pm @ Outer Space Studio. Please join this reading, discussion and workshop which will be investigating the role of poetry and the poet in addressing and engaging social awareness.

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