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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wikilyrics Leak

The Next Objectivists meet on Thursday 27 January & again on Thursday 3 February to edit & amend Wikileaked materials into the poetry of the multitude. Using workshop methods developed in response to our on-going conversation about the poetry & poetics of the OUTSIDEREAL, we began to draft a chapbook of anonymous poetry based on imperialist cables. It's TOP SECRET material, of course, but a few passages have been leaked to the public:

Baku Iran Watcher
listening from the crevice, the dark fly
of story-telling.

Each piece set; this one a student,
here a professional, a business man (ordinary Iranians)
w/ a veiled final bullet.

How the interlocutors curve around the immediate circle,
like a fleet of black Mercedes Benz wraps around the finger
of a bride, daughter, lover.

Khameini's circle, a brass ring of survival,
entrenches itself behind the knuckle.
He sits, sunning under the parastatal. Brass & Benz
& business men boiling

Over in Tehran. Turbulent water floods Kermansah, Isfahan, Shiraz.
And a re-galvanizing of metal,
of sermon, of people
sends a fleet of resistance through the thin membrane.

Seams split & pour through a Shura, through alleged efforts.
It slows down the factories & brings down the lights.
There is no going back” friends shout from the rooftops
sending off green balloons into the burning night.

Lugo generally
connects well with people
(although he is
uncomfortable with women)
and has thus far
been successful in
attracting a diverse
support base
he is said to be
an expert
in human nature
and is a quick and
accurate judge of
personally quiet
unpretentious and serene
Lugo cares little
for physical
typically wears
because that is who he is
(he says he's owned
two suits in his life
one for his high school
and another for his
however strong populist
including a
for detesting flaunting
wealth by the rich
could lead him to rifts
with the political
Lugo is unmarried
(although he is
to have fathered
illegitimate children)
leveraged his status
with the Church and
for honesty
to win the presidency
but will require
more than just a little
help from
to govern

he is a leftist at
and if you can't believe
a priest who can you

The July 12-13

debt redUction


of a sImilar

political Approach

said that additioNal bilateral


and citizenS alike

activitieS of pop

even certAin

seNior officials

foreiGn relations

rEcently told

Minister Ben Bot anticipated

positive steps

although he expressed concern

that the EU was not receiving

full credit.

Burma remains a ticklish issue.

Rumor has it the completed chapbook will be published as early as this spring.

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