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Friday, October 2, 2009

Announcing the Autumn Schedule

Hello Next Objectivists!

Our autumn schedule is about to begin!

We have a NEW MEETING DAY: this fall, the Next Objectivists will be meeting on the 2nd & 4th TUESDAY nights. We will still be meeting at 7:00 pm at the Mess Hall in Rogers Park (Morse & Glenwood; a quarter block south of the Morse Redline station).

Autumn quarter dates will be:

  1. October 13
  2. October 27
  3. November 10
  4. November 24
  5. December 8
  6. December 22 - Next Objectivist Winter Party!

During this quarter, our reading will be organized around the 'original' objectivist poets. We will begin by reading the material found in the February 1931 issue of Poetry Magazine (vol. xxxvii, no. v), edited by Louis Zukofsky. First, we'll read Zukofsky's essays: "Program: 'Objectivists" & "Sincerity & Objectification" for 13 October. After that, we'll read the other parts of the issue, & then look more closely at the work of some of the poets who appear there, most notably Zukofsky, Carl Rakosi, Basil Bunting, Kenneth Rexroth, Charles Reznikoff & William Carlos Williams (as well as other Objectivist poetry, such as Lorine Niedecker's).

See you at the Next Objectivists!

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