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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Welcome Guest Objectivists Christopher Alexander and Kristen Gallagher!

The Next Objectivist Workshop is delighted to welcome two of the most insightful and hardworking experimentalists in poetry today:




This THURSDAY (2/26), at 7:00 pm and SATURDAY (2/28) at 4:00 pm, Chris & Kristen will visit the Next Objectivist Workshop at the Mess Hall in Rogers Park, Chicago.

Both poets are graduates of the Poetics program at SUNY Buffalo, where they trained with many of the best contemporary writers in the objectivist tradition (including Robert Creeley, Susan Howe and Charles Bernstein). As writers, publishers, designers and visual artists (both are also members of the CAfF Collective, a shadowy organization that sometimes describes itself as 'a radical experiment in aesthetic democracy'), Kristen & Chris continually create new forms of artistic, intellectual, and practical possibility. They live in Brooklyn, New York.

On Thursday, they will lead a discussion of work by the Oulipian writer and film maker, Georges Perec and teach us how to see the world in new ways. On Saturday, we will read and discuss some of their most recent experiments in poetic doing & making.

Here is a brief preview of the some of the exciting word we have to look forward to!

From Kristen Gallagher's Reading A Map:

We’re facing this way. We came down. We just came from here so this is that -- what is that? This is that and and this is that – OH! – ok wait – what is that? This is that Am I wrong? I just don’t know! well, yeah. I thought we were coming from here – we are - but then that would be there then – oh – and this would be that – we did just come over that though, so we must have not gone this way at the right time? Yeah, I don’t remember june beetle, so I guess we came this way. That’s ok, whatever, here we are. This way? This way? I dunno. This way? Yeah, you’re right. This way.

I was forgetting that we were meant to come.

The forest is ending.

Oh, it’s Cars.

"Haiku Super Explosion"
by Christopher Alexander

1 plastic measle, 6 glasses of cola & absolutely no sleep
46 Beanie Babies, all mint with tags apart
a devil doll on stick legs in fascista leather
gray distressed Converse sneakers,
big flapping horse’s ears & crap film acting
El rey de los Monstruos contra el Rey de Skull Island
no tag chubby free celebrity porn video
Enough rubber to make even the Michelin Man blush


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