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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Next Objectivists convened for the first time at 7:00 pm on Thursday, January 29th.
By 9:00, we had finished composing our first collective poem. The experience of our first reading & writing together was like dictation meets surfing.

If Anything / Result / No One Will Want To See It

A Collective Poem Composed 1/29/09 by the Next Objectivists

Manifest destiny & Amen!

Do so with proper documents

promises, initiations.

The parent schools his child.

Entropy: evolution of this system

broken like the scene

of 40 years ago. Next stop—

individuals pay for sitting in the park.

New England hair cut

eats my heart!

George Bush, a canvas above the bed

showing badly spent money, persuade the

public, with dancing lessons—

What does it have to do

with modern day arrangements?

I’m inviting pretty girls up

to the present.

Tomorrow’s clichés need dancing

lessons. So much

the better, Wilhelm.

The beautiful illusions are intercepted.

You’re a special case, Rita.

One of life’s gambles. An expenditure

of modern-day energy.

& Reggie & I, industrial problems.

What alternate America, not

the first jokes & dreams

all played by real students

A completely reversible world

the whole cost of time

symmetric as Elton John:

individual, private American soul-singer

girlyness, subjectivity a sea-change

abundance is a lost sock

the expansive mileage of corn—

it sucks! distracted, no one followed up

their paper Burger King hats

one color scheme, the only thing

plus utilitarian ceramics

industrial components

action figures & beach chairs

skimming it off the top

$35 an ounce

a device, another set of advices

the height of the Mosquito Summit

President Bill Clinton—

if anything result

there is nothing appealing—

a simple box

a mystery

If anything of a moment

no one will see it—

contact with the world

the world is today

I don’t like

faith, feeling



What do you mean?

What do you call poetry?

No one will see it. There is an

ocean. The current political cliché

is that political diversity, ask Jim, ask

members of non-profits, I sat as a

member, what are you, a pagan?

sausages build rectangular power

the President shall be subject to renewal

in the machine age he arrives, man or boy

a filmgoer could, relationship to land—

look at the mileage of corn & soy

white on white on white:

life’s a gamble dharma cab

physical characteristics of socks

socks that survive, screwing up

his life for women enjoy obscenities

& quantum numbers

A better class of industrial components

customer—already commission on civil rights

sure that there is problems rated to promise

Asian commodities it is neither

no mystery, especially

regarding pink socks individually

others of gold arrangement

had a very good point—

Are you a pagan? Is this what you call poetry?

And indirectly the United States primitive

attempts to fill rectangular power. Shall hold the

office. Each state shall elect the state no Senator

put in a film each frame. It sucks. Is it boring

& oppressive rigor in the Gulf of Mexico.

Amen. Shiny walls, a countertop & tile provide

a world of interests.

The paradoxical position—to trap verse

& arrive at transformation itself—

cranberry red flowers & elegant drapes

ever more luxurious. Imagine

life as a series of surfaces.

Romantic nonsense behind the counter at Burger King

in a one-color scheme on the countertop. In a world

of interest, the state of an electron is quantified

by four numbers: sleigh, country Swedish, upholstered

& blue dazzle.

transformation of self

to path of freedom

as relation to writing

things is the same but the

tone is different—

Notoriously executive Japanese poetry from that

subjective episode record dispute of dead telephone

Take heed masculine flamboyant atoms. Baroque annuities

in turn facilitate cheap poverty

Repression makes

it possible to keep

things together. box

spring, 4-poster, timeless

anchor. Defining a

specific purpose for

every piece of

furniture, every action

every minute.

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