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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Next Objectivists Resume Regular Meeting Schedule NEW DAY & LOCATION

Attention Next Objectivists

We resume a regular meeting schedule, but on a new day & at a new location!
We will meet this next SUNDAY 10 November at Multi-Kulti 1000 N. Milwaukee Ave.

The meeting will begin @ 3:00pm.
We will begin with a reading & discussion of two poems by Jackson Mac Low, which can be found below.

Please join us!
Remember that all our meetings are free & open to the public. Anyone is invited. Leave your expertise at the door.

Jackson Mac Low

Giant Otters

They were a close family of giant otters
in Surinam giving a low growling sound when
they were insecure so they were called the Hummers.

Trace elements had landed near them and thy effloresced
in even amounts throughout an even eon and an evening more
fortunate as they were in knowing nothing

or peering curiously into unknown presence
alert to no future living the past as presence
whose elements were traces in their efflorescing being

going as far as they could within the world they were
as fortunate particularized occasions within unfolding
breathed upon by memory's wraith and anticipation's all but absence.

Where were they going but farther along and through
whatever their being eventuated in clearness no demand for clarity
as the eyes are unsealed and the world flows in as light?

13-14 February 1982
New York

36th Light Poem: In Memoriam Buster Keaton--
4:50 – 6:18 A.M. Sat 1 January 1972

As a Mad Scientist
Buster lights a Bunsen-burner flame
that starts a series of processes
that eventually releases The Monster

As an Undertaker
Buster lights a Bunsen-burner flame
that starts a series of processes
that awakens a drunk who was about to be buried as a corpse

As a Muscovite
Buster lights a sisal wick in a sesame-seed-oil lamp
that suddenly lights a mystical orgy
officiated over by Rasputin

As a Boater
Buster beats a cascade by floating out beyond its edge
borne by a balloon
lit by wintry sun

As an Unwilling Passenger on a Drifting Liner
Buster the Millionaire & his rich Girl Friend
learn to cope Alone Without Servants
when forced to rely on the light of their Upper-Class Intellects

As a Worker
Buster arouses the Compassion of the Nation
in whose light the Corporations
sell themselves to their Workers

As a Key Man
Buster carries around with him
an enormous bunch of keys
lighting his way with a Keats lamp

As a Beatnik
Buster meditates in a Redwood forest
seated where the Selenic light
first falls at Moonrise

As a Leaf-&-Feather Gatherer
Buster Means Well but bugs everyone in the Park
spearing the ladies' hats & the picknicker's salads
in featureless Hollywood Light for the century's first quarter

As William Butler Yeats
Buster addresses an irate Irish crowd
that thinks that Poetry makes Nothing Happen
but lets itself be bathed by its Truthful Light

As a Cannoneer
Buster explodes his own ship's magazine
treads water in Gunpowder Light at a safe distance
& blushes in embarrassment at his Clumsiness

As a Violinist
Buster surpasses Paganini
until Boston-Concert-Hall Light
Poisons him with Love for a Proper Bostonian Maiden


Spirit of Buster Keaton
if you survive as yourself
receive Please our honor & praise
you conscientious Workman

Hard-working Buster Keaton
when you arouse the laughter of children
as you live in Projector Light
Your Karmic Residue dissolves in Joyous Shouts


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